Our Clients’ Testimonials

Nargis Fakhri

Bollywood Actress

I had heard such great things about Liam that I decided to fly to Malaysia to work with him for 10 days. At the end of our 1st session I could feel that it was a great decision. I had suffered from back pain for almost 2 years and some days I could barely walk. I tried physio and other treatments but nobody could pinpoint my issue and I was starting to get depressed. When a friend told me how Liam had magically fixed all his aches and pains I booked a flight and have never looked back. He really performed miracles! =)




My work is very demanding on the body which is why I always need to be in the best physical shape. Over the years I developed knee pain and chronic back stiffness that affected my dancing and action scenes so I travelled to see Liam and his team in Kuala Lumpur.

The results were amazing, the first 5 days was purely rehab to rebalance my body and retrain my movement patterns. This AIS therapy totally fixed my knee problems and persistent back ache enabling me to move freely. I can’t tell you how good it was to exercise again in a pain free body, I was then able to train harder and push myself and I lost 7kg of body fat in 2 weeks. More importantly, I feel amazing and am mentally recharged. If you have pain that is affecting your performance or quality of life then go and see the “Magic Man”.


Kannan Murugasan

2 times Ultraman, 10 times Ironman Finisher & Personal Trainer

AIS has helped me correct my running gait by balancing the pelvis and opening up the hips. My legs feel so much lighter when I run and my stride has noticeably improved.


Sean Sturgess

Head of High Performance Center National Sports Institute of Malaysia

I am pleased to recommend Liam Harkness as an AIS course instructor. From the first seminar i attended, i was impressed with Liam’s outstanding knowledge and ability to communicate. As Head of High Performance, i recognised that Liam would be invaluable to facilitate knowledge transfer to staff at National Sports Institute (NSI) of Malaysia.

Since 2014, NSI Sports Science and Sport Medicine staff have benefited and exercise prescription plans. the National Sports Institute of Malaysia will continue to use Liam’s expertise to improve the performance of Malaysian sport.


Datuk Seri Kee Yong Wee

80 years old. Member of International Wushu Federation (IWF)

I had one leg longer that the other for 40 years before treatment with Liam. Together we managed to fix my hips and got rid of the crippling back pain that I’d had for many years. Now I have more energy as I can take longer walks with no discomfort, even my golf game has improved greatly.


Stephen Watts


Liam is a brilliant therapist and wellness manager. His experience in the healing world,built up over the years of clinical practice and his passion for continual development gives him a true understanding of holistic healthcare and patient management.

I had the privilege of working alongside Liam in Kuala Lumpur and I highly recommend him whether you meet him as a patient or work colleague. He is generous with his knowledge and I always valued his opinion on patient care.



Personal Trainer

Since qualifying in AIS I have been able to help my PT clients fix their injuries rather than have to work around them. Now they send their friends to me not just to lose weight and get fit but to get healthy and pain free too!